| Spring Recruitment 2020! |

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Belmont University Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor. Recruitment Counselors, otherwise known as Rho Gammas, play a vital role before, during and after recruitment. They help not only the Panhellenic Council, but also all of the potential new members in order for Belmont University to have a successful recruitment. They provide support, friendship, and personal guidance to all of the new women as well as to promote the whole sorority community; not any specific chapter.

Recruitment Counselor Job Description:

An impartial representative of the College Panhellenic Association who understands and implements the purposes and goals of the College Panhellenic Association in recruitment.

Qualifications of a Recruitment Counselor:

The Recruitment Counselor is expected to be:

  • Supportive and enthusiastic towards the fraternal community and is able to convey this enthusiasm to PNMs.

  • In good standing academically and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 and maintain this throughout the Recruitment Counselor term.

  • Participated in formal recruitment at least once with their chapter.

  • An impartial representative of the College Panhellenic, who understands and implements the purposes and goals of the College Panhellenic Association in membership recruitment.

  • One who exhibits objectivity and an inclusive attitude with respect to each member group in the College Panhellenic and has a willingness to share positive information (facts) about each chapter.

  • A responsible person who is detail oriented, and exhibits good listening skills.

  • Able to relate to various personalities and people, and have outstanding communication skills.

  • Familiar with the NPC Unanimous Agreements and resolutions regarding membership recruitment and the College Panhellenic rules and regulations, procedures and recruitment schedules.

Duties of the Recruitment Counselor

The Recruitment Counselor:

  • Keeps all information confidential regarding conversations with PNMs.

  • Promotes a positive attitude toward the women’s fraternities through personal behavior.

  • Consults with the College Panhellenic officer responsible for membership recruitment and/or the Panhellenic advisor regarding situations that appear to be serious or uncomfortable to address.

  • Provide thorough knowledge of the Panhellenic community.

  • Promote the positive benefits of sorority membership and the impact the Panhellenic community has on campus.

  • Engage PNMs in discussions of their personal values and how those values will better inform their decision-making

  • Counsel PNMs through the recruitment process by finding effective ways to help them reason how their values connect with each chapter.

  • Encourage them to keep an open mind throughout the process and to approach each chapter as a group that could develop them personally.

  • Stay in contact with each PNM to provide support and guidance that will contribute to her retention throughout the recruitment process.

  • Serve as a positive contact and sorority role model before, during, and after recruitment.

  • Be present during all training sessions by actively participating in activities and providing insightful comments.

  • Act with dignity and pride as a representative of the entire Panhellenic community.

  • Be a team player and enthusiastic volunteer to assist with recruitment promotion and implementation tasks.

  • Complete all logistical duties required.

Important Date:

All applications are due: April 7th, by 11:59 PM

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sarah McKenzie the VP Recruitment at

Apply using this link!